Do you yearn for a spiritually nourishing and erotically wild relationship?!?

Do you frequently feel isolated and alone even though you are in the company of your partner?

Do long work hours or responsibilities to kids keep you lacking in passion and romantically disconnected?

If you have been searching for a resurrection of your joy and a restoration of the inner understanding, that is your birthright…

Then we invite you to take a meditative journey of relaxation with your beloved in the comfort of your home with this 3 part audio series designed to bring maximum health and wellness into your relationship.

Yoga Nidra is the yoga of sleep that works at a deep subconscious level to promote healing, powerful rest and deep bonding between you and your lover. By combining alert awareness with the deepest relaxation, the practice takes your brain into the dreamy Alpha and Theta wave state. One hour of Yoga Nidra is the equivalent of 4 hours of sleep and has unparalleled health benefits!

This is the only recording of it’s kind specifically designed for lovers.

This powerful practice will...

  • Counteract the stressful impact of the modern world by allowing you both to totally relax and open to greater levels of pleasure.
  • Strengthen your relationship by being fully present together.
  • Refresh and renew your bond by connecting and giving each other your undivided attention daily/weekly.
  • Enjoy a new activity together that stimulates the body's natural healing response.
  • Increase desire for your beloved by filling the relationship with trust and awareness.
  • Have greater ability to work through problems and situations that feel impossible.
  • Enrich your relationship with sensual surprises, support and devotion.

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Daniel Alcyone is a constant conscious creator and a modern mystic. He is a certified yoga instructor, public artist, spiritual consultant, and intuitive guide. The Ecstatic Existence podcast he produces transmits high-vibe inspirational content throughout the world and interviews leading experts in the fields of alternative health and elevated consciousness. Daniel infuses radiant love, enthusiasm, and presence into every project he works on. He is on a mission to awaken the abundance of personal power lying dormant within you and is proud to be actively redefining modern masculinity.

Rachel Alcyone is a powerfully gifted healer and a respected leader in the global self-care revolution. She is a certified yoga instructor, licensed massage practitioner, and Reiki master with over a decade of experience in a wide variety of body and energy work modalities. She is the co-host of the Ecstatic Existence podcast and her passion for self-care and magnetic personality translate ancient practices into understandable and exciting applications for modern life. Rachel teaches women to rise above societally imposed definitions and unleash their own Holistic Luxury and Vibrant Sexuality. It is her mission to amplify the authentic beauty in the world by empowering you to claim the abundance of health and wellness that is your birthright.

Daniel and Rachel met in an acrobatic yoga class, fell deeply in love, and shortly after began teaching together. They defied convention by moving onto an old fishing boat and completely renovating it into a beautiful and inviting home named “Reflection”. Their mutual love for the alternating peace and adventure of the sea continues to be an anchor in their relationship as they explore the beautiful NorthWest waterways aboard an upgraded and much larger second vessel, “Miracles”. Rachel and Daniel provide constant encouragement and support for each other in business, family, spirituality, and creative expression. Together they combine a broad spectrum of talents and gifts into the transformational couples workshops and retreats they lead in luxuriously romantic destinations. Their mission is to guide loving couples into a palace of cosmic connection and soul-satisfying sensuality.

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