Dear Sensual Soul-Centered Sacred Sister!

I AM honored to serve as your mentor and guide on a journey to your soul’s remembering.

My dramatically transformative private weekend retreat is designed to accelerate your results exponentially and ensure you create Holistic Luxury and Vibrant Sexuality on your terms.

This 3 ½ day retreat is dedicated 100% to you and your specific needs, making it possible for your desires to become reality!

Are you eager to:

  • transcend lifetime patterns that have been getting in the way of you living your full potential...
  • initiate greater success, fun, ease and abundance into your consciousness ...
  • access the trends in health and wellness that REALLY work…
  • naturally grow your irresistibility and claim the luxurious lifestyle you desire...

These are potent healing times on our planet and you were not born to endure;

  • The negativity around you and within you
  • Feeling out of touch and helpless
  • Feeling drained, despondent and depressed
  • Experiencing body shame and pain
  • Feeling exhausted all the time

"Rachel's retreat was one of the most incredible experiences of my life!"

lily"I’ve been cultivating my spiritual awareness for over a decade, largely on my own. Although I had been growing, learning, and loving the magic of life it had been painstakingly safe and slow. This retreat catapulted me into sacred sisterhood in all of its luminescence allowing me to relax into my divine feminine self confidence. The sacred space that Rachel created during the retreat allowed me to speak my truth and go beyond my edge each day while cultivating effortless, loving connection with the world around me. I had no idea this divine support network existed! I’ve been launched into my authentic self! My excitement about life is overflowing, and, most importantly, I know there is empowered, conscious supports for me every step of my journey! I lovingly recommend that you put yourself in the space of this woman and experience how clarity, purpose, love, and crazy awesome growth unfolds quickly and brilliantly in front of you!"

~ Lily Palmer

"I gained valuable feminine insight, tools, and clarity that have already inspired greater success, authenticity and fun in my life."

naia"It was a profoundly fun and liberating experience that I am still reveling in! The retreat provided an incredible balance between powerful wisdom, luxurious fun, play, and deep sharing. Rachel creates a rich and beautiful container to feel safe diving deep into. It was a powerful experience. I am deeply grateful and passionate about more and more women having the opportunity to share such a deep and empowering experience! Thank you Rachel for a fun and life changing retreat!”

~ Naia Leigh

"This retreat, and Rachel, were impacting me weeks before we were even together."

kate-fontana"I had never believed that I would wind up on a retreat like this---Just being presented with the opportunity to attend the retreat allowed me to break through limiting beliefs, and find the courage and self-worth to ask for what I truly wanted.

I was gifted with new clarity for my life-purpose, and empowered and supported to stand in the identity of my call to serve. I was also inspired to take new actions for the fulfillment of my purpose--where previously there had been just a swirl of ideas that I could never seem to get off the ground. I left feeling so excited for my whole life--for how much I am helping the world heal, and how exquisite my life is and can be in the process!!

If your mind is telling you that you can't do something like this, ask yourself why. If you are on the fence about attending, just go. If you have any whispering of "YES! This is for me.", listen to that! That is the Divine speaking through your desire, and offering you an opportunity for transformation and abundance!”

~ Kate Fontana

Allow me to introduce you to the lovely floating oasis "Reflection", where you will stay for our weekend retreat together.

During your transformational holiday you will experience:

  • Personalized bodywork designed to unlock your blockages and reorganize your structure so that you can easily move forward into your bliss.
  • Organic, vegan, phytonutrient rich, enzymatic food that will nourish you at a cellular and soul level.
  • Powerful guided meditations and ceremony that will activate you into your next level of personal empowerment
  • Daily movement (dance, yoga, kayaking, hiking)
  • Nurturing relaxation time for integration and writing
  • Luxuriate in healing mineral waters atop a rooftop spa


Your very own professional photo shoot with my famously talented personal photographer and dear friend Willow!

Meet Willow Eskridge-

willow“Hello, I believe you are beautiful. I believe people are to be cherished, all days, all ways. I am addicted to laughter, humor gives life! I make friends with amazing individuals and bring their insides out. I give space to be real, to be accepted. I make life fun, way more fun and create images you can’t. live. Without.”


So here's the deal…

This opportunity is only available a few times throughout the year.

I travel all over the world... (facilitating events, serving clients, conducting interviews, accelerating my growth through education and having a blast.)

And my schedule is booked.

Here I am exploring the lava rocks of Kauai, Hawaii

Hiking snowy Mt. Shasta and camping in the Redwood Forest, California

Connecting with ancient Mayan wisdom in the Yucatan, Mexico

Playing between worlds in the Continental Divide, Iceland

Not only that, I am selective about who I play with. (Me with some of the fabulous women I have worked with in locations such as Sedona, Kauai, St. Croix, Key West…)


If you want to join all the women who have succeed in creating their version of Holistic Luxury and Vibrant Sexuality with me?


If you are serious about claiming the life you deserve then simply fill out the application below, my assistant notify me and we'll set up a time to chat. (Please, do us both a favor and only apply if you are seriously interested.)

All my Love,


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