Dear Truth Seeking Goddess, Ready For More!

I wholeheartedly invite you to join me for a one day in person experience tailored to your specific needs and priorities. This all day retreat is designed to accelerate your results exponentially and cut your learning curve in half.

Are you eager to:

  • create holistic luxury and vibrant sexuality all in one dramatically transformative day...
  • transcend lifetime patterns that hold you back and free yourself from limiting beliefs...
  • initiate greater success, fun, ease and abundance into your consciousness ...
  • access the trends in health and wellness that REALLY work…
  • naturally grow your irresistibility and claim the luxurious lifestyle you desire...

Have been searching for a resurrection of your joy and a restoration of the inner understanding, that is your birthright?

Then together we will identify your most painfully stuck points and gracefully move through them so that you can finally dance in the world, free of old limiting baggage, with 10 times the empowerment.

These are potent healing times on our planet and you were not born to endure;

  • The negativity around you and within you
  • Feeling out of touch and helpless
  • Feeling drained, despondent and depressed
  • Experiencing body shame and pain
  • Feeling exhausted all the time

It’s time to blast out of your doldrums into a world of excitement, inspiration and infinite opportunities!

In order to accelerate your spiritual growth and take quantum leaps in your health and sexuality, you must get out of your comfort zone.

There is nothing like traveling to an inspiring, beautiful location to expand your vision and align with the mindset necessary to live life on your terms.

(Here are some pictures from my journey the last few years!)

Snorkeling the barrier reef in Key West

Hiking the jungles of Kauai

Boating through glacier lagoon in Iceland

Earthing in Arizona at the Grand Canyon

Frolicking on the beaches of the Virgin Islands

"As a result of my relationship with Rachel I learned to love my body, nurture my body, listen to my body, and celebrate my body."

hillery"Rachel is packed full of hours of useful content and so tuned in that every sentence feels important. I especially love all the added bonuses along the way to keep me inspired. Working with Rachel was the best value and best investment HANDS DOWN! She helped empower me to use my healing gifts and I love the freedom and passion I'm experiencing now that I am living life on my terms."

~ Hillery Berteaux

"Rachel walks her talk and you can see the evidence!"

fralisa"She has a wonderful way of explaining things that really resonates. I learned that how I treat my body is the most important way to practice self love and that starts with what is on the inside- from food and tampons to cleansing practices and self talk. I am no longer focused only on weight loss, but on getting my whole body healthy, every part of it. I have become more aware of my needs and how to effectively speak up to get them met. A friend recently saw me and the transformation I have gone through, since working with Rachel and exclaimed 'Wow, Look at you!'"

~ Fralisa McFall

“Rachel is a beautiful guide who lovingly led me into a different realm to journey and discover parts of myself that were hidden deep inside of me. "

crystal"I learned things about my body that I never learned in school. I feel empowered and invincible by the new wisdom provided to me. I can honestly say I appreciate my body and recognize beauty in a whole new way. I can now go out into the world glowing and vibrating with confidence in my new found freedom, embracing my womanhood! It is a beautiful feeling to be supported, loved, nurtured, empowered and fulfilled. Working with Rachel has been truly inspiring and lit me on fire!”

~ Crystal Gordon

This opportunity is only available a few times throughout the year. SO…take a deep breath and envision yourself!

  • Deeply connected to your inner knowing as you move through life with grace and clarity free from stress.
  • Knowing how to effectively create your desires, to get the results you want, and align with the natural harmony and rhythms of your body.
  • You even feel sensually turned on, and tuned-in to your bodies needs and desires.
  • Without concern for the world’s response you fulfill your soul’s purpose and are respected as a powerful leader in your community, sharing your gifts, thriving financially, and inspiring thousands.

I offer myself as a guide in your awakening.

I can help you create all that you desire and more.

Here's the deal…

I travel all over the world.

And my schedule is booked.

(Here I am swimming at Iguazu Falls in Argentina)

“Thank you Rachel for being a plethora of great information."

angelina"I feel like i'm always on the run, it was great to take some time out for me. I rarely find time to relax let alone a day of self care. The power of words, thoughts and actions lay the foundation for a healthier me. I now have a more positive outlook and speak nicely to myself. Thank you , what a great experience to share time with you!”

~ Angelina Jackson

"Immediately I felt Rachel's presence."

"emmaMy Session with Rachel was so valuable! Immediately I felt Rachel's presence and I love how quickly a powerful vibrational state clicked in. I felt really held, safe and loved. Our time together was incredibly healing for me. I want more!”

~ Emma Sumner

So...If you are serious about claiming the life you deserve then simply fill out the application below, my assistant notify me and we'll set up a time to chat. (Please, do us both a favor and only apply if you are seriously interested.)

All my love,


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