Do you yearn for a spiritually nourishing

and erotically wild relationship?!?


Do you want to experience days filled with laughter and nights filled with passion?

Do you desire a love so strong that your relationship becomes an example to others?

Are you ready to elevate your partnership to even higher levels of connection, intimacy, and romance?


Has the spark faded and you know it is time for a breath of new life and vitality in your union?

Do you frequently feel isolated and alone even though you are in the company of your partner?

Do long work hours or responsibilities to kids keep you lacking in passion and romantically dissatisfied?

Some of the problems we see that couples settle for is that they get bored, complacent, and feel stagnant in their relationships or just can't seem to figure out how to get their needs met by their partner.

Couples often slip into a state of perpetual annoyance with one another. This leads to lack of intimacy, sleeping in different rooms, not having high level engaging conversation and ultimately self limiting behavior and fear based decision making.




Passionate Partnership Program,

a 4 week online series

March 20th- April 16th 2017
with Daniel & Rachel Alcyone

Activate Conscious Connection and Sexual Satisfaction!

This four week romantic online adventure will teach you:

  • Techniques and practices that will help you manifest your ultimate dreams and desires by honoring your orgasms and love making in a sacred way (Yes, your orgasms can actually help you reap great rewards in finances and more)
  • How to understand each other's language so that you open up trust and communication, get to the heart of matters and start working together toward a common goal
  • What it takes to break old patterns so that you stop downward spirals and can identify and heal your triggers in order to be invincibly confident
  • Ancient sexual practices that bring ultimate satisfaction and marry your spirituality and sensuality (so your sex life feels even more sacred)
  • Effective self care secrets so you know when to schedule romantic dates, sexual play, work and alone time
  • Reclaim your passion, creativity and energy by tapping into your unique radiance and irresistibility
  • How to create time for intimacy in the midst of career and family demands
  • Claim your mission as a couple and get clear on your intentions for your life together so that you can be the Power Couple you are meant to be!
  • Create a sacred Love Sanctuary in your home

Now is the time to begin loving your life and your partner more deeply!

  • Stand in the full power of your sexual spirituality
  • Discover exactly what it takes to be attractive to your partner
  • Open to allowing yourself to be served and treated like a God or Goddess by your beloved
  • Understand what your lover REALLY wants so you can please each other more fully
  • How to speak up for your preferences and desires so you feel empowered and TURNED ON
  • What to do when you feel in conflict so that you come out with greater intimacy (rather than feeling more isolated and distant)
  • Discover how to be in harmony with your cycle and how to talk about it so that you feel honored at every phase of the month (This juicy material will apply to you if you are with a man OR woman.)
  • Harness your power together so you achieve more than you ever could alone -- both in the bedroom and in life

Included in this powerful program:

  • Couples massage and self care secrets so that you can love your body more and be free from pain
  • Activate your body's unique wisdom and master your hormones so that you can sync up and both get all your needs met
  • Powerful guided meditations that will rock your world
  • Lessons in partner stretches and AcroYoga
  • Weekly live forum calls with Daniel and Rachel to directly answer your questions
  • Discovering and balancing the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies within you so that you can best support yourself and partner
  • Exclusive video, audio, and downloadable content only available in this program

By the end of this program we guarantee you will feel so in love, so satisfied and passionate that you won't be able to keep your hands off each other!

Take action NOW and claim the relationship of your dreams!

YES we are ready!

Full Investment = $555

NOW is the time to take a stand for love!

Passionate Partnership Program = $555

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VIP COUPLE mentoring consultation

$300 value

Enjoy the personal attention of a private session with you and your beloved.  As a couple you receive one call with both Daniel and Rachel to address the areas of focus that most interests you.


Yoga Nidra for Lovers

$100 value

Take a meditative journey of relaxation with your beloved in the comfort of your home with this 3 part audio series designed to bring maximum health and wellness into your relationship. Yoga Nidra is the yoga of sleep that works at a deep subconscious level to promote healing, powerful rest and deep bonding between you and your lover. By combining alert awareness and the deepest relaxation the practice takes your brain into the Alpha state and into the even deeper Theta wave state. This is the only recording of it’s kind specifically designed for lovers.


VIP PRIVATE mentoring consultations

$200 value

You and your beloved each get to choose to have an individual session with Daniel or Rachel. Gain the perspective of the Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine. Deepen in your understanding of your self and your partner.



What are people saying?

Lucinda Rae

Rachel and Daniel are a feminine-masculine powerhouse light-filled duo here to bring such authentic, heart-connected content and leadership in the world that is so deeply needed. They are bringing the new archetype of healed coupling to the forefront in a much-needed way to bring decades of combined wisdom, truth, and beauty. They bring thoughtful brilliant content and from their podcast and all their offerings that generously bring value to all that are blessed to experience their unique Ecstatic Existence in this world. I’m so grateful for you guys and being true examples of being your highest fulfillment of life! You both blow me away. Thank you, bless you.

Lucinda Rae, Artist, Photographer, Web Designer
Isaiah Fliessbach

Daniel and Rachel balance warm hearts with rational spirituality and offer immense value to us all. What a beautiful example of people sharing their vision and gifts in a meaningful way. I highly recommend that you work with them in every manner available. This power couple is full to the brim with quality content and authenticity.

Isaiah Fliessbach, Fitness, Health, and Nutrition Coach
Erika Briones

Daniel and Rachel are beyond ESTATIC! They go above and beyond with their presence, power, wisdom, and contribution. Their voices are healing and provide wisdom extremely needed in our time! I HIGHLY recommend them to couples and ones wanting to learn more about being spiritual in the modern age! Thank you Daniel and Rachel!

Erika Briones , Relationship and Sexuality Expert

Meet Daniel & Rachel

Daniel Alcyone is a constant conscious creator and a modern mystic. He is a certified yoga instructor, public artist, spiritual consultant, and intuitive guide. The Ecstatic Existence podcast he produces transmits high-vibe inspirational content throughout the world and interviews leading experts in the fields of alternative health and elevated consciousness. Daniel infuses radiant love, enthusiasm, and presence into every project he works on. He is on a mission to awaken the abundance of personal power lying dormant within you and is proud to be actively redefining modern masculinity.

Rachel Alcyone is a powerfully gifted healer and a respected leader in the global self-care revolution. She is a certified yoga instructor, licensed massage practitioner, and Reiki master with over a decade of experience in a wide variety of body and energy work modalities. She is the co-host of the Ecstatic Existence podcast and her passion for self-care and magnetic personality translate ancient practices into understandable and exciting applications for modern life. Rachel teaches women to rise above societally imposed definitions and unleash their own Holistic Luxury and Vibrant Sexuality. It is her mission to amplify the authentic beauty in the world by empowering you to claim the abundance of health and wellness that is your birthright.

Daniel and Rachel met in an acrobatic yoga class, fell deeply in love, and shortly after began teaching together. They defied convention by moving onto an old fishing boat and completely renovating it into a beautiful and inviting home named “Reflection”. Their mutual love for the alternating peace and adventure of the sea continues to be an anchor in their relationship as they explore the beautiful NorthWest waterways aboard an upgraded and much larger second vessel, “Miracles”. Rachel and Daniel provide constant encouragement and support for each other in business, family, spirituality, and creative expression. Together they combine a broad spectrum of talents and gifts into the transformational couples workshops and retreats they lead in luxuriously romantic destinations.

Their mission is to guide loving couples into a palace of cosmic connection and soul-satisfying sensuality.

  • q-iconIs the investment price per person or per couple?

    A- The Investment is per couple. All the support needed for you and your partner is included!

  • q-iconIs this only for couples that are experiencing relationship trouble? We are happy in our partnership, can we still go?

    A- YES! This is for anyone who wants to deepen in and amplify their love. No matter how good it already is there is always more to learn about one another.

  • q-iconIs this retreat open to all gender and sexual orientation?

    A-YES! We are here to celebrate love. We discuss masculine and feminine energy however the focus is not on male and female form. All are welcome!

  • q-iconAre Daniel and Rachel available for private mentoring and support sessions leading up to or following the event?

    A- YES! Included as a bonus are two VIP Couples sessions. One for clarity before the event and one as a post retreat follow up. In addition we are both delighted to schedule extra sessions with you together or individually. Inquire with Daniel and Rachel directly for scheduling availability.


NOW is the time to take a stand for love!

Amazing Earlybird Rate = $444

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